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Testing the properties of different materials - we were intrigued to find that some 2 pence coins were magnetic and some weren't, so some of the class researched the reason for this. We found that after 1992, 2 pence coins were made out of steel not copper. Steel is magnetic but copper isn't!

We described objects in the classroom using the technical vocabulary we explored in previous lessons whilst the others in the class tried to guess what we were describing. This developed our speaking and listening skills as well as our science knowledge and understanding. It was great fun!

We started our Science topic on materials by discussing the properties of everyday objects we use, using scientific vocabulary, then extended our learning by feeling objects (without seeing them) and seeing if we could guess what they were based on their properties. We shared our ideas and observations so we learnt from each other!

Invisible World Science Workshop - exploring live microscopy!

Water resistance - investigating what streamlined is and how this affects force and speed.

Measuring force and understanding gravity

Acting out 'balanced' and 'unbalanced' to understand forces