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2020-2021 Autumn term reopening information

Dear Parents,

You will be awash with information this week as there is a great deal to share with you! This is a particularly important one as it outlines how school will look in September. I am sure you already know that all schools in England will be open again fully in September, which is great news! We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again and are very excited that our school will be as near to normal as it is possible to be in the current circumstances. As you can imagine, we have completed a very long and complex risk assessment and we will be following the guidance for schools from the Government. We will do everything possible to minimise risk as we really want you to feel happy that your children are safe and that we have all the relevant procedures in place to address any issues that might arise as a result of Covid-19. 

We have developed a timetable for the start and end of the school day in September which follows Government guidelines. This is to limit the number of people congregating in one area. In order to avoid congested entrances and corridors we have had to stagger the times different year groups will be dropped off and collected. This timetable is attached.  

Drop off 
It is important that only one parent drops off their child at the school gate at the allocated timeslot for each individual child. Unfortunately, mass delivery of siblings is not possible. For social distancing measures, you will not be able to wait in the vicinity of the school gate. Sadly, there won’t be opportunity to speak to class teachers at this time either. If you need to speak to a member of staff, we ask that you ring the office, email, or write in your child’s planner. Clearly, we want to be able to talk to you, but need to do so safely. We continue to be a school where a positive partnership with home is paramount, however we just have to be able to communicate in a very different way than we are used to. 

Pick up 
To avoid you all having to wait next to a very busy Carr Manor Road at the end of the school day parents will be allowed to enter the school grounds for collection only please.  We have implemented a system where different year groups will be collected from a specified playground. This will be either KS1 Playground, which is the first one at the front of the school or KS2 playground which is round the back of the school building. 

We ask that parents arrive at the designated playground and wait in the centre for their child’s year group. Each child will meet their parent and then leave the playground. We politely ask that parents adhere to the collection time for their child’s year group and leave the school grounds following the one-way system up the path as soon as you have collected your child. Social distancing is still essential, and it is more important than ever to ensure that parents do not congregate and chat on school grounds. 

We recognise that we have many siblings in school and acknowledge that there will be the potential that some parents will need to wait for their other children. After much thought, we have decided that the safest way to achieve this is for you to collect your first child and then move to the appropriate playground to collect their sibling.  You will need to stand close to the fence at the edge of the playground, maintaining social distance from the other parents and children waiting to collect.  Please ensure your child stands with you. You can always, leave the school grounds, wait in your car for example, and then return to collect your other children should you wish.
Should you feel that your child is capable of walking to or from school unsupervised or meeting you at a prearranged place of your choice at the end of the school day we will fully support your decision.  

We do that understand the system we are having to put into place for dropping off and picking up is very complicated and could involve a lengthier wait than in previous times, however I do hope you will agree that we are doing our best to ensure that 500 children can safely enter and exit Manor Wood. 

Out of School Club
I am sure many of you will be pleased to know that our before and after school club will be open as normal. Please contact the office if you require places. All guidance from the government regarding the safety of the children has been adhered to. 
Please bear with us during the first week or so while we all get used to this ‘new normal’ as there are bound to be some teething problems but hopefully we will all be able to adjust quickly and ensure you can collect your children effectively and safely. 
Finally, I am sure you recognise that this sort of draconian way of working is completely alien to our normal practice at Manor Wood. However, we are following the many and varied guidelines issued to us on a regular (sometimes daily) basis, in the best way we can. We look forward to the day when we can chat in the playground with families, and welcome parents into school without having to impose barriers. 

Thank you so much for your support in all the above. 

Yours sincerely,