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Aut 1 - Stone Age Stories

Model Writes


Example 1 


Just when all was quiet,Flower tip-toed to the entrance, squeezed past the giant boulder(that protected them) and took one last look at her dwelling. Carefully she meandered through the trees, as howling noises echoed through the forest. Excited, brave and determined she picked up her pace and ran like a cheetah, feeling the fresh, cold wind on her skin. Free! She thought to herself. Free at last! Ready to conquer the world! Smiling with joy, she looked up into the midnight sky and thought about the endless possibilities which lay ahead. Distracted, she tripped over a tree root which stuck out from the bottom of a tall oak like the tentacle of an octopus and landed on the cold, hard floor. Annoyed, irritated, mad - she brushed herself down, wiping the mud from her hands on her clothes, noticing that the forest had become silent. Checking her surroundings she decided to walk on. 

She noticed that she had been walking for quite some time.
She thought she might be lost.


Example 2


Stig stopped and looked deep into the distance. Watching the moon shine through the branches of the tree, Stig felt like something wasn't right. He could no longer hear the noises of the night. Feeling a chill down his spine, he looked around, cautiously. 'Snap!' he darted his head round in a panic. What was that? He thought to himself. Bobbing down and creeping into a bush, he hid holding his hands close to his chest. Through the corner of his eye he saw something fly past. It was so quick that Stig couldn't actually see what it was. If only he hadn't left the cave, if only he had not ventured into the forest, if only he had listened to his parents, then he wouldn't be in this dangerous situation. In the distance he could see a tall oak. He thought that if he ran as fast as he could he could make it to the tree, climb it and be safe. Spending the next few minutes thinking about this, he eventually decided to ...


Example 3

Up above, there was a wide river. Zee felt a familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach as they approached - FEAR. Hashna advanced slowly through the water, but, within seconds, Zee jumped from his back onto land.  

"I can't cross the river, I can't". She cried. 
"It's ok Zee, we don't have to." Her father shouted as he also dismounted Hashna. "We can survive here. There's plenty of food, water and shelter."
"But we haven't seen another person since we left ..." Zee wept "and we can't leave Hashna." 
"We have no choice unless you cross the river." Her father explained soothingly.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she watched Hashna disappear through the river. 

Suddenly, squeaky, crackling sounds surrounded them. Startled, they had no time to hide before a pack of salivating hyenas were moments from savaging them. Without thinking, Zee pulled her father towards the nearest tree. They climbed like monkeys onto the branches and swung from branch to branch across the jungle. They managed to stay ahead of the cackling hyenas until the trees stopped - they were trapped in a dark, sparse area. Throbbing with exhaustion, tired and terrified, they were trapped.

Whilst the pack of hyenas huddled around the tree, a tremendous roar suddenly echoed throughout the jungle, drowning out the callous cackling of the hyenas. The earth seemed to tremble and cower in anticipation of the unknown creature.  Zee and her father closed their eyes whilst holding onto each other tightly. Zee was sure the Great Spirits had come to take her...

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