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In January 2017, Mrs Clements held a whole school assembly focussing on 'The Environment'

At the end of the assembly she told the pupils that an 'Eco Team' would be created in school to work towards a goal of  Manor Wood Primary School being as environmentally friendly as possible. Each class teacher chose 2 members of their class to make up the team. The people chosen were those who had expressed an interest in joining the team and we considered to be hardworking, motivated, and responsible by their teacher.


Our team members for 2017 are:

1C - Freddie Brennan and Ava Martin

1E - Edie Carey and Noah Walkley

2J - Finnley Barron and Flow Crawford-Davies

2L - Seth Berry and Felix Woods

2T - Aston Bridgeman-Allen and Karimah Hamzaoui

3W - Reuben Appleby-Smith and Aineesh Biswas

3Y - Jack Morrison and Samar Thomson

4G - Jacob Brown and Rosepreet Kaur

4L - Rohaan Khan and Isabelle Rubia-Hart

5H - Francesca Carbonell and Kiran Patel

5W - Laiba Ali and Safiya Omran

6H - Hanifa Begum and Will Simpson

6K - Rebecca Hall and Abbie-Leigh Taverner


Piece by piece...

The Eco Team are on a mission... a mission to minimise how much paper and printing we accidentally waste at MWPS.

In May 2017, the team noticed that an astonishing amount of printing had been uncollected from the printers in school. We decided that we needed to take action.

As a team we composed a letter that we emailed out to all members of staff in school. This urged all staff to be more careful when printing resources and offered some top tips of how to lessen the amount of wasted paper.

We also decided that we would monitor this and a timetable was created for the team members to count and collect any forgotten printing.


We are currently 2 weeks into our mission and we have already noticed an improvement in the amount of uncollected printing we are counting each week. 


In April, Samar (Y3 Eco Team member) informed us that her auntie was collecting bottle tops to create into a sculpture. Samar's auntie lives is Shetland, Scotland and liked the idea of having recycled and reused materials being used in her project that came from a different part of the UK.


A letter (attached below) was sent out to all families in school and bottle tops are slowly beginning to be brought to Mrs Clements each day. We hope to collect as many as possible to send for use in this exciting 'reuse' sculpture project.

Earth Day 2017

On Saturday 22nd April it was Earth Day. This is celebrated worldwide on the same date each year. As the 22nd April was on a Saturday this year all classes watched the following presentation in their classes on the Friday before. The Eco Team were asked to listen to any interesting points and questions made by their class and bring them to our next meeting. Further suggestions were made by some classes to have more recycling bins around school. 2J went one step further than a discussion and created some amazing posters.


In 2016 Earth Day set the theme 'Trees for the Earth'. They are aiming for people all over the world to plant 7.8 billion trees by Earth Day 2020. In line with this, Year 1 are currently working with Hannah, our fantastic school gardener to plant an orchard in front of the Out of School Club.

2J Earth Day Posters

Year 1 Planting Trees


The Eco Team held 2 fundraising events in June and July 2017. They were raising money to contribute towards their trip to the Veolia Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility in Leeds.

The first event took the form of a penalty shoot-out on the field during Golden Time on Friday 30th June. The team worked together to be in goal, collect donations, hand out prizes to winning goals and keep the whole event organised. 

The following week they held 2 stalls in the KS2 hall at lunchtime. A 'reduce, reuse, recycle' sale was set up through generous donations of unwanted items from families across school. In addition to this a homemade lemonade sale was held at the same time. Again, Eco members worked together run, manage and tidy up this event. 


In total they raised over £150!!! Thank you to everyone who donated items to the team and to everyone who took part in the events.


Any money that is leftover after the trip has been paid for will be used in the forthcoming academic year to fund improving how environmentally friendly our school is.


Team Trip

On Friday 7th July 2017 the team all boarded a coach bound for The Veolia Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility in Cross Green, Leeds.

When we arrived we were greeted by Sarah who works for Veolia. We went inside the impressive (and smelly) building and jumped in the lift up to the 7th floor. We went in to the sites classroom and met Ellie who works for Leeds City Council. 

This site is where all the black bin waste from across the whole city of Leeds is taken. It all goes through a process where any recyclable items that have been accidentally disposed of in this bin are removed and recycled. The remaining waste from the bins is then incinerated to create energy. We found out that the entire facility is self sufficient on the energy that they produce there and it could power up to 22,000 homes. We also found out that the waste product from burning the waste is further used to make bricks or roads!

We had a tour of the facility. Sarah showed us onto the balcony (26 meters above the ground!) on the outside of the building to look at the living wall that is growing on the side of the facility. She told us that birds, bees, bats and various other wildlife have made homes for themselves in the plants and shrubs that grow up the wall.

She then showed us in to the control room where we had an awesome view of the waste being filtered through in to a big pit and a big grab mechanism lifting the waste in to the incinerator. The grab can hold up to 6 tonnes of waste at a time and gets burnt at a minimum of 850°C.

We walked down the steps on the outside of the building and stood at the bottom in front of the entrance while Sarah told us that this building was designed by French architects and is made from German timber.

We made it back up to the 7th floor in the lift and worked with Ellie to sort certain types of waste in to the correct place to dispose of it. We could choose from black bin (general waste), compost bin (food waste), brown bin (garden waste) green bin (recycling) bottle banks (glass) and charity shops.

We then made a poster that stated something that we were going to pledge to do from our visit to the site. We put these up on the 'pledge wall' in the facility.

We all had a great time and Mrs C was really impressed with the team for asking interesting questions and making thoughtful contributions to conversations with Sarah and Ellie.