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Elemental Dragons at CMPS

A few years ago, we ran a competition for children to develop a theme for our school teams and so the Elemental Dragons were created. Each member of our school community is part of one of the following teams:

Ice Dragons

Water Dragons

Earth Dragons

Fire Dragons


Our aims are:

To work together to be successful

To support each other across school

To form positive relationships with children and adults


We are all VERY proud of our teams and committed to working together to make them to best teams we possibly can.


At the start of every year, we elect team captains from Year 6. We look for children who are:


Good role models




Prepared to give up some of their own time

Keen to organise events

Good and motivating people

Aritculate speakers and excellent listeners


The children in Year 6 develop their manifestos and deliver speeches to the members of their team. After hearing the speeches, each member of the team votes for the person they believe will lead their team to success.





Team Captains 2017-18


Ice Dragons - Sophia, Charlie

Earth Dragons - Esme, Sam, Zane

Fire Dragons - Jay, Noah

Water Dragons - Taylor, Pheobe, Lily