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Welcome to the Foundation Unit 

In the Foundation Unit children develop a love of learning within our immersive environment. The children are encouraged to explore, investigate and develop their ideas through play.  A wide variety of experiences are offered to enrich the overall development of each and every child.  We strive for the children to become confident, independent learners, with a thirst for knowledge, a keen interest in the world around them and a desire to express themselves creatively. 

We aim to give you an insight into the daily lives of the children at the Foundation Unit, sharing experiences and discoveries.

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We celebrate the children's ideas, developing their interests and deepening their learning. 


"We must be able to catch the ball that the children throw us, and toss it back to them in a way that makes the children want to continue the game with us, developing, perhaps, other games as we go along."


Tiziana Filippini 

Into The Woods


Nature provides us with an opportunity to be in our element within the elements. For each child the woods offers a realm of endless possibilities.

Through regular trips to the woods the children are given the chance to slow down their pace and just be. 

Trips to the woods allow friendships to be consolidated and new relationships to be built.

Time in nature to catch our breath.




As a Reggio Emilia inspired setting, long term project work is developed with the children. Projects allow the children a chance to examine their interests with other like minded individuals, learning to negotiate with each other and take responsibility for the group.


"Io chi siamo."                 "I am who we are."


Take a closer look at how their ideas have grown...