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If I was transparent...

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If I was transparent...


In November 2016, the children began a project focusing on what it is like to take a peer inside ourselves. Among the group it wasn’t long before we heard their ideas about what is underneath our skin. 

At first the children began investigating what they could see on each other’s faces and bodies. Comparisons began to be made. The children then decided to take a peak into their own bodies…


Using the mirrors and the stethoscope Poppy (4:11) started to make some observations before directing her thinking towards the brain.


Over the week, Awab (4:8) decided he wanted to try and ‘feel his brain’. The children then used the computer to start research into whether or not this would be possible.

Awab and the others found the brain a point of fixation. We were curious to find out about its functions, appearance and most important what is inside it...


A Closer Look

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Take a closer look inside our curious minds where wiggly worms roam and butterflies flutter...
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Mariyah (4:1) described the "deep sea monster" inside her brain. We then researched deep sea creatures, the children took a particular interest in jellyfish. We observed the way they moved and using a projector we fully immersed ourselves inside a jellyfish school.


The brain then evolved into a jellyfish.  

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