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Keeping Safe- Indoors and Outdoors

Keeping safe in Y2

Watch these videos to give you ideas about how to stay safe indoors and outdoors:

P.I. Plug's Home Safety Video

Want to become a Safety Detective? Take a trip with ESFI's mascot, Private I. Plug, and help him spot common home electrical and fire dangers in this fun, animated video.

Making an Emergency Call - Child Safety Inside and Outside the Home

How to make an emergency call to 999.

Listen to 3 year old's emergency call after mum falls down stairs - BBC News

A three year old British girl is being awarded for her bravery, after she phoned the emergency services when her pregnant mother fell down the stairs. Emma who's from Bristol in South West England managed to give her address to the responder and talk through what had happened.

Safety tips for kids in the car

Hedgehogs Road Safety Campaign - Stayin Alive

Hedgehogs Road Safety Campaign - Stayin Alive Director: Chris Shepherd Client: COI/Child Road Safety Agency: D'Arcy

Child Road Safety - King of the road

TV ad of Hedgehogs crossing the road - from www.robnielsen.co.uk