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Online Safety Advice

It is important that we all understand how wonderful the online world is, but that it does come with dangers. In school we teach the children how to be safe online. We have rules about using the internet that all children abide to and we monitor carefully what they research. We have secure controls from our  internet provider which allows us to stay safe.


This page is to offer advice to parents with children at our school and also for those who have moved on to High school. It is essential that children are aware of the dangers and know how to report problems.


Please read through the advice and watch the clips provided from the NSPCC, Thinuknow and CEOP.

Does your child watch YouTube? Do you know what they are watching? Do you allow them to go on it independently? Do they know what to do if they saw something inappropriate? Do they understand what inappropriate means?


We do not allow children to watch YouTube  independently at school as there is so much inappropriate content. YouTube is used by staff members but is checked carefully and is used in lessons.


It is essential that if your child has an electrical device that before you give it to them, you check out parental controls. You can do this by using YouTube as there are lots of self help videos. Also please agree with ground rules.

3 tips to help start the conversation

1. Explore sites and apps together and talk about any concerns.

2. Ask your child if they know how to stay safe online.

3. Talk about personal information and what to share online.


Our online family agreement

Be Share Aware - Safety advice from a 10 year old - NSPCC & O2

Teach your child to Be Share Aware. Sharing in real life is great but kids need our help to stay safe online. NSPCC and O2 can help with a step-by-step advice. Find out more here: http://bit.ly/2qXL0IF

Call Online Safety Helpline

If you have a question about parental controls or concern about a social network your child uses, expert advisors at our free helpine are here to help.

0808 8005002