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Our new Sub-Teams, January 2018

How is the RP Reps team organised?

As we are now a huge team of 119 RP Reps, we have divided ourselves into sub-teams, so that we can work as efficiently as possible. At the start of January, we all chose what team we wanted to be on and we will stay on these teams for a full term. We all chose a team that best suited our individual strengths and qualities as a Rep. Each team works proactively across school, to keep communities tight, ensure that everyone is happy and calm and to share RP news and updates. When a Reactive Circle is needed, these are lead only by children on the Circle Team or the Cooler Team, as these children are highly trained and know how to lead circles objectively. These Reps know when they are able to lead a circle by themselves, and when they need to inform an adult and ask for some support with it. We are really happy with how the new sub-teams are running so far. Please read the following document for a mini description of each sub-team.