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The RP News


Twice a half term, we have a team of RP Reps who write and publish 'The RP News'. Each time an edition is published, a copy will be uploaded on this page for you to read.


The RP News has the following sections in each edition:


  • Reps Round- a summary of school news
  • Cool Community- ideas and tips to proactively build communities at school
  • Football focus- a summary of life from the football pitch, and hints and tips to maintain a fun, calm pitch
  • Super Shout Outs- this is where children from across the school are mentioned and celebrated for showing positive, proactive behaviours. Children who get 'shout-outs' are rewarded with an RP Pink Slip to take home
  • Rocking Reps- similar to 'Super Shout-Outs', but for RP Reps who have been proactive in their role
  • Uh-Oh!- a section where the Reps share their knowledge and expertise on how to repair relationships, following a fall-out or disagreement


The RP News Team work hard to bring you all of the latest news, as it happens.


If you have any feedback or advice for the News Team, or if you have any fab ideas about what else could be included in the RP News, please pop and see and member of the RP Reps Team.

Please enjoy reading these editions of the RP news, written independently by a group of RP Reps...