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Sport Photos

Footy at CMCS with FootTech

Year 4 cricket competition at Old Leos - well played all

Upper Key Stage 2 football competition - well done 5J

Year 5/6 cricket at Old Leo

Year children creating and playing their own invasion games

Indoor athletics at RHS - well done all!

Another successful football competition at CMCS


Well done all - onto the national finals

Year 5/6 at Gsal

Year 4 at Gsal...well done everyone

Girls footy competition at CMCS

Cross country - amazing! well done all

Year 5/6 at Goals

Santa Dash (Year 6)

Year 4 at Goals!

Year 4 football

Cross country - well done all - amazing

Year 5/6 Football

Our super netball team

Year 4 earning their 'Young Leaders Award'

Girls cricket Competition

Year 3/4 multi-sport event

KS1 Sports Day

House teams football competition

On Monday, we did throwing and catching and there were different challenges : bronze, we were catching the ball normally; silver, we had to tap our head before catching the ball and gold was where we had to touch our heads and shoulders before catching the ball, it was extremely hard and fun. 

The next day, we did tennis. Firstly we got Into pairs and took a tennis racket and got a ball; we were bouncing the ball on our tennis rackets and saw how much we could bounce it , if the ball falls we restart. There were no challenges.

Thirdly, we got the sport dice out and the teacher took us outside. The teacher had to roll the dice and whatever we landed on we had to do it: firstly we did press ups, the bronze challenge was ten press ups, the silver challenge was 15 press ups and the gold challenge was 20 press ups; after, we did star jumps, the bronze challenge was 30 star jumps, the silver challenge was 40 star jumps and the gold challenge was 60 star jumps. Lastly, we did squats ; the bronze challenge was 30 squats; the silver challenge was 40 squats and the gold challenge was 55 squats , our legs ached after that.

The last day of our P.E week , we did street dancing, there were  different levels: bronze was an easy level of street dancing;  silver was okay but it started to speed up and gold was very fast and
complex, over all P.E week was amazing and after the street dancing we got to free style.

Key points:

We did our P.E. week activities after lunch.

There were different levels of challenges bronze, silver and gold.

It was a fun and an athletic week we had!!!

By Hasnain and Ammar 5WL

Y2 Santa dash

Still image for this video
Well done Year 2 on your Santa dash!

Manor Wood's different class Bubbles took part in Leeds' Schools Virtual Sports Day today! Lots of fun, smiles and plenty of energy - despite the rain!

Year 2 - Sports Relief photos

Year 5 footy competition at GSaL

Year 5 'Sport Relief' non-stop scooter/cycle

The finalists...Well done...amazing!

Year 3 footy

Cross country - Yorkshire finals

Great teamwork! Manor Wood competing in the Netball Tournament at Carr Manor High School 9 January 2020.

Netball Tournament at Carr Manor High School 14 Nov 2019

Cross country

Girls football - 2018/2019

mini mermaids

Rugby 2.5.18



Winter Olympics...

atheltics 21.2.18

Winners - enjoy your day at Yorkshire Cricket Club

Y1 - Rugby with Leeds Rhinos

Athletics 27.11.17

Year 4 - wow - super team

16.10.17 Year 3 football

Netball 5.10.17

Dodgeball Year 5 19.7.17

Well done golfers

Rugby and cricket summer coaching

Rugby 28.3.17

Year 4 footy


Netball January 2017...team Carr Manor...

April not December!! We Won!!

Athletics - well done Taylor!!

Tennis 10.3.16

Year 6 Santa Dash