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In 6H we did a press up challenge for Sports Week. We did it outside on the playground. We recorded who could continue with press ups for the longest and who could do the most press ups. To make sure we were doing out press ups right, we made sure our backs were straight when we were going down and pushing back up. Mrs Lowry skilfully demonstrated and checked for anyone whose bottom was still sticking in the air.

Winners were: me (Hussain), Oumar, Josh, Armaan, Maddie and Fabio.


On Wednesday, Mrs Tasker invited those of our class who thought they could do a lot of sit ups to come and demonstrate to the rest of us. Some of the people who thought they could do it, actually couldn’t but some of those who thought they couldn’t do it, and didn’t want to try, actually found out that they could do it. It was very, very difficult but it was a great feeling to have tried. In the end, only two people completed the challenge: Janiqua and Maddie.


On Thursday, we did the plank challenge. We did it to see who could hold the plank on your elbows or on your hands for the longest. Personally, I did the elbows because it was a challenge. We had to make sure our back was straight and not like a pyramid. Mr Kellett showed us the correct technique in the KS2 hall.

Two people won: Fabio and Maddie.


We also did quite a lot of run a mile. We did this on the playground because the field was very muddy and we might have slipped. I personally prefer the field because it is bigger so you do fewer laps but it is also more challenging because the ground is bumpy.


My favourite bit of the week was the press up challenge because I actually won and I wasn’t expecting to.

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