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Stories, theatre and plays

In the first half term it became apparent that many children throughout the unit have a passion for story telling. Initially the children started bringing in their favourite story books from home to share with their friends. One week,a  number of children all brought in their Snow White books, through this shared interest, they decided to act out the story of Snow White outside in the garden.  Day after day this core group of children perfected their version of Snow White.


In October we gathered together for our first project meeting.  We talked about our favourite stories and made up some scary stories for Halloween.  In our second meeting, Lola suggested that your imagination makes up the stories in your head and you can't make a story without an imagination.  Lola's comment sparked many interesting discussions and the following meetings were focused around talking about our imagination - what is it? How does it work? During our fifth meeting we had a wonderful discussion about what your imagination looks like.

After looking at many of our favourite stories the group decided they wanted to make a storybook of their own.  They spent many weeks discussing the characters and the setting, before talking about the beginning, middle and end of their story. They made a giant sized storyboard.   

We visited 'The Little Book Shop' in Chapel Allerton to read out story to the book shop owner.

We read our story to various different people to find out their opinions.  We listened to their advice and made adjustments.