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Traffic Issues

Traffic at Manor Wood PS

The number of cars outside school at the beginning and end of the day is an issue for us as it is for the majority of schools in the country. Since September we have written to parents regularly and politely requested that they park with thought and consideration for our children, other adults and our local community. We have also taken advice from the Police Service and informed parents. On a number of occasions the community Police have monitored parking outside our school and have spoken to drivers who are parked dangerously. We have also noted registration numbers and passed them on.

Sadly, there continues to be a problem, despite our requests and suggestions regarding walking buses. Our School’s Council feel very strongly about this issue and have come up with a number of excellent ideas which will be implemented after Christmas. Please watch this space for the council’s plans as they unfold over the next few weeks.

I have every confidence that the children will be able to succeed where adults have failed and we will see in improvement in parking habits as a result of their input.

Please do contact us with any suggestions you might have as we are already working with some very supportive parents who are more than willing to help us address this issue. Our Governors are also involved, and Kim Adams (our Chair) has contacted the local council regarding road markings.


Deborah Kenny (Headteacher)  

Year 6 made these during their Golden time.

Please report the problem to https://services.leeds.gov.uk/TrafficManagementIssue/ServiceRequest/Information?utrn=W37608220764




Year 6 and the School Council have been working together to stop dangerous parking outside of the school.

The children have designed their own banners and stood outside the school gates asking drivers not to park in any dangerous places. The children were really happy with the encouragement from parents and students on this matter. We hope that this will make a difference.

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