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Unit 3- Grace and Family

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman - Stories for Kids - Children's Books Read Along Aloud

This is a live reading of the children's book Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman and illustrated by Caroline Binch. Book Synopsis: Grace's class is performing the play Peter Pan, but two of her classmates do not think Grace can play the part of Peter because she is black and a girl.

We shared and discussed key events from this story, before starting our main class text- Grace & Family.

Boundless Grace - Read Aloud

"Boundless Grace" by Mary Hoffman and illustrated by Caroline Binch.

This is the class shared text for our 3 week unit. Please enjoy sharing it with your child.

Learning Journey- Autumn 2018

Learning Journey- Autumn 2017

Forming and asking questions to find out about Grace's family....

A diary entry by Grace....

We acted out scenes from 'Grace and Family' and inferred what the characters may be thinking and feeling....

Drawing and describing the Gambian Market....

Isaac showed us some traditional African clothes that he was given at his cousin's christening. The beautiful patterned fabric on these clothes is like some of the fabrics that are for sale at the Gambian Market. We think Isaac looks fabulous!