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Year 1

In Year 1 we have been looking at Our Values. These are the important values that we as British Citizens hold dear. 


  • We help other people
  • We listen and respect other peoples beliefs
  • We are accepting of other peoples cultures and beliefs
  • We understand and respect the roles of people who help us
  • We understand right from wrong
  • We understand actions have consequences
  • We treat everyone equally
  • We know we are all special


Using our work on these values we have created a fantastic Our Values display!


As well as learning about Our Values we have looked at special events that happen only in the UK.
For Remembrance Day we looked at why it is important to remember those who fought in our wars. The children came up with lots of amazing reasons and had a whole morning remembering those who fought for our country.


We also had a Superhero day for Children in Need. We dressed up as our heroes and even designed our own alter egos!  We learnt how Children in Need began in the UK and why we raise money and where it is spent. 


Most recently we watched Tim Peake's first space walk. We discussed how exciting it was for our country as he is the first British person to work in space! It definitely inspired some future astronauts!