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Year 5

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The Year 5 teaching team!

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                Miss Ward and Mrs Lester      Miss Wilson

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Year 5 is a very important year for the children as often they grow and mature quickly.  If the children work hard and make good progress this can set them up really well for a challenging year in Year 6.

Throughout the year children seem to really enjoy developing key life skills and becoming much more independent. 

The areas of study include:

  • Clockwork, Street Child, Beowulf, The Highwayman Poem, and Myths and Legends in literacy lessons.
  • The chance to create your own gaming programme using SCRATCH in ICT.
  • The study of the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Victorians in History.
  • We will be studying Brazil in our Geography topic in Autumn term. This is broken into two sections:
  1. Human features - trade and the economy.
  2. Physical features - the Amazon rainforest.
  • The opportunity to make bread, moving toys and a Victorian book in D.T.
  • Spanish is taught as our chosen language.