Manor Wood Primary School


Attendance and Punctuality

The promotion of good attendance and punctuality are priorities at Manor Wood Primary School. Children are expected to attend school every day unless they are ill. Any absence should be communicated to the school office on the first day of non-attendance.


Regular attendance impacts on children’s achievement, their inclusion in friendship groups and general confidence and therefore it is imperative that pupils attend school every day. Punctuality is also very important as children who arrive later than 8.45am, on a regular basis, miss key learning in literacy or numeracy.


Clearly we do not want children to attend when they are poorly and we quite understand if they cannot come to school for that reason. However, please encourage them to attend if they have a slight sniffle or are out of sorts, as children generally manage once their minds are otherwise engaged. We will always ring you if required. We will also help if you are having a problem getting your children to school.


Although we expect our children to achieve the 95% target set for attendance by the Local Authority at the very least, we do have a number of strategies to encourage and motivate children to want to be here all the time. We make the curriculum as exciting and relevant as possible, provide teaching and learning of the highest standard, offer a range of exciting clubs and celebrate great attendance every week. We present children with certificates, praise them regularly and give an annual book prize to every child who attends 100% of the year.


Every day in school really does count and a good education makes such a difference to future life choices!