Manor Wood Primary School

Year 5

Living and Growing:

  • How did I begin?  Nick Manning and Brita Granstrom
  • Let’s talk about where babies come from, Robie H. Harris
  • Kids, poem by Spike Milligan
  • I love my mother,  poem by Benjamin Zephaniah


Identity, Society and Equality:

  • Looking after Louis, Lesley Ely Belonging, Jeannie Baker
  • Beegu, Alexis Deacon
  • Humphrey the lost whale, Wendy Tokuda
  • We are Britain (poems), Benjamin Zephaniah
  • The Hueys in the new jumper, Oliver Jeffers
  • Secret friends, Elizabeth Laire
  • Dogs don’t do ballet, Anna Kemp
  • The sissy duckling, Harvey Fierstein
  • William’s doll, Charlotte Zolotow
  • Giraffe’s can’t dance, Giles Andreae
  • The boy with pink hair, Perez Hilton
  • Frog is Frog, Max Velthuuks
  • Crazy hair day, Barney Saltzberg


Keeping Safe and Managing Risk:

  • Way home, Libby Hawthorn


Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing:

  • Inside out, Disney DVD
  • The huge bag of worries, Virginia Ironside
  • You’ve got dragons, Kathryn Cave and Nick Mayland
  • The worry website, Jacqueline Wilson
  • My gerbil, poem by John Kitching
  • Silly Billy, Anthony Browne
  • Changes, Anthony Browne
  • The red tree, Shaun Tan
  • The heart and the bottle, Oliver Jeffreys
  • Seal surfer, Michael Foreman


Careers, Financial Capability and Economic Wellbeing:

  • One hen, Katie Smith Milway
  • Lemonade in winter: a book about two kids counting money, Emily Jenkins
  • The lemonade stand: the gang learn about starting a business, Marianne Lewis
  • Too small to fail, Morris Glezman
  • Rickshaw girl, Mitali Perkins