Manor Wood Primary School


Music at Manor Wood


Music is a unique and universal language that can give a “voice to all” and has the capacity to bring the whole school community together in one ensemble. At Manor Wood Primary School our music curriculum allows the children to further express themselves, inspire creativity and provides opportunities to connect on a deeper level with themselves and others. Children will be able to enjoy music, in as many ways as they choose- either as listener, creator or performer. During their musical journey children will encounter the fundamentals of listening, composing, performing, and evaluating music: whilst learning about key elements such at tone, rhythm, pulse and style. In addition, every child will have the opportunity to explore vocal and instrumental composition and performances.  


By engaging children in musical experiences, we can offer our children opportunities to develop skills, attitudes and attributes which heavily support learning in other areas and contribute to building the resilient, confident, and creative individuals we want to inspire.