Manor Wood Primary School

Our Curriculum Intent


At Manor Wood, every child matters; every moment counts. Our curriculum is carefully constructed with this ethos in mind. It is personalised to Manor Wood, reflecting and celebrating the diversity of our entire school community. We have designed our curriculum with the intent that every child will be an independent, ambitious, respectful and happy learner. All children are encouraged to think positively about their abilities and learning styles, recognising these as differences and not difficulties. Our curriculum has been collaboratively created ensuring that it is underpinned by enrichment which promotes high aspirations, knowledge, skills and global awareness.


Our teaching aims and aspirations for our children

  • Understand that teachers and adults in school have high expectations of them, ensuring they aspire to be the best version of themselves
  • Are emotionally literate young people who are articulate, thoughtful, empathetic individuals
  • Have a sense of belonging, moral purpose, respect, acceptance and celebrate differences
  • Ensure our children are curious, caring and confident children who are prepared for life in modern Britain
  • Have a set of core values which are life skills, fostering responsibility for continued learning and future success allowing them to be happy and self-reliant adults


Our children are:



Implementation and design of the curriculum

We have designed a curriculum that is ambitious for all children, that allows them to deepen their understanding and building upon solid foundations. We strive for children to learn skills alongside knowledge, ensuring that both explicitly are developed. At Manor Wood we see knowledge and skills as intertwined. We truly believe in making the curriculum relevant and meaningful to our pupils and to put knowledge into context that is underpinned by developing strong basic skills.  Using the National Curriculum, subject leaders ensure coverage and progression to secure knowledge across the Key Stages with frequent opportunities to embed prior learning. We have carefully selected the sequence of when, what and how knowledge and skills are taught and subject and senior leaders work actively to regularly review this.



Our children leave Manor Wood with detailed knowledge and skills from the across the entire National Curriculum. We know what we do makes a difference to our children through monitoring and assessment such as: lesson observations, pupil voice, formal and informal assessments, book scrutiny, moderation within our teaching alliance and curriculum reviews. Subject leaders play an important part in the success of the curriculum by leading regular programmes of monitoring and evaluating of their subjects. The impact our curriculum has on our learners is seen every day, not solely by the work they have produced or the knowledge they have retained but by how well the children approach learning and life’s challenges. We equally measure the successes of our curriculum impact through seeing our children evolve to become fully rounded individuals with a clear understanding on values like equality, friendship and trust. Manor Wood children are curious, caring and confident children who are fully prepared for the next stage of their education and life in modern Britain.