Manor Wood Primary School

'My Health, My School' Survey

'My Health, My School' Survey

The 'My Health, My School' Survey is an online tool that enables us to learn about what our Year 5 and Year 6 children know in PSHE. It is a way for us to find out about the lives and experiences of all of our children and we can use the data from the survey to ensure that our PSHE teaching is needs-led, relevant and current to the children in that year group. 


As well as providing the authority with extensive city wide data, the survey continues  to support individual schools by:


  • Promoting pupil voice
  • Identifying the health needs of pupils
  • Influencing curriculum planning
  • Evidencing outcomes for Ofsted and other assessments


It is a free survey for children to complete online and has the following sections:


  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity and sport
  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  • Sexual health
  • SEMH
  • Safety & anti-bullying
  • My school


Once the survey has been completed, we have access to the data in the form of graphs, charts and results. As a school we share the outcomes with the children and then use it to inform our planning. We may do small group interventions, whole class teaching or even whole school assemblies to respond to the findings from the survey.


The survey is a great assessment tool if we repeat it at the end of the year as we can then see where we are having an impact with our PSHE curriculum and where we have changed the children's understanding or perceptions.