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Our Ethos, Aims and Values


We aim to ensure that every child has a happy and successful time at Manor Wood Primary School.  We foster an environment where children are encouraged by anticipation of success and where they each have an equal entitlement to be independent, self-motivated thinkers. The school endorses the universal ambition that every child and young person, whatever their background or circumstances are, can stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.


We are committed to:


  • developing lively, enquiring minds which are able to question and argue rationally.
  • enabling children to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills.
  • ensuring children are able to use language and number effectively.
  • helping children to develop moral values and empathy for others.
  • encouraging children to have respect for the religious values, have tolerance of other races, religions and cultures.
  • enabling children to access the full curriculum.
  • helping children to understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.
  • appreciating human achievements and aspirations.
  • ensuring that children know the difference between right and wrong.


We do this in the following ways by:


  • structured learning of language and literacy skills enabling access to the whole curriculum.
  • providing a broad, rich, differentiated curriculum.
  • providing a happy, safe environment where children feel secure.
  • establishing relationships of trust and mutual respect.
  • promoting pride in our learning achievements through effective rewards.
  • illustrating pride in achievement through high quality displays of children's work.
  • welcoming representatives from the wider community.
  • developing partnerships with parents /carers.
  • having agreed rules and sanctions which are used consistently in the school.
  • encouraging children to achieve high standards in their work, their behaviour and in the way they treat each other and by having high expectations of ourselves as practitioners.


Our Principles for the children are that each child has:


  • an awareness of their responsiblity to behave appropriately and an awareness of the effects of their behaviour on others.
  • trustworthiness.
  • a positive self image and a feeling of pride.
  • punctuality and accountability.
  • courtesy and consideration.
  • a sense of responsibility.


Our Principles for the staff are that each adult in the school has:


  • high expectations of themselves and the children.
  • Courtesy.
  • a sense of responsibility.
  • consistency of approach.
  • a commitment to excellent relationships with children, all school colleagues and parents / carers.



ALL members of the School Community work towards the school's aims by:


  • regarding all children as individuals and respecting their rights, values and beliefs.
  • fostering and promoting good relationships and a sense of belonging to the school community.
  • providing a well ordered environment in which all are fully aware of behavioural expectations.
  • offering equal opportunities in all aspects of school life and recognising the importance of different cultures.
  • encouraging, praising and positively reinforcing good relationships, behaviour and work.
  • working as a team supporting and encouraging one another.


PUPILS work towards the school's aims by:


  • attending school in good health maintained by adequate diet, exercise and sleep.
  • attending school regularly.
  • being punctual and ready to begin lessons on time.
  • being organised - bringing necessary kit, taking letters home promptly, returning reading books regularly.
  • taking responsibility for their actions and the treatment of others in line with the principles of Restorative Practice.
  • taking growing responsibility for their own learning.


PARENTS work towards the school's aims by:


  • ensuring that children attend school in good health, regularly and punctually.
  • providing support for the discipline within the school and for the teacher's role.
  • being realistic about their children's abilities and offering encouragement and praise.
  • participating in discussions concerning their child's progress and attainments.
  • ensuring early contact with school to discuss matters which affect a child's happiness, progress and behaviour.
  • giving due importance to homework, hearing reading and assisting in learning of tables and spellings.
  • allowing their children to take increasing responsibility as they progress through the school.
  • supporting the school's extra-curricular activities.


The need for parents to be involved in the education of their children is well established.  We have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and undertake a variety of initiatives to make parents partners in our school. This includes invitations to  open days, special assemblies, reading mornings, concerts and sporting events. We look towards establishing relationships of trust and mutual respect in order to enhance the children's education.


We have a highly committed staff with shared aims and philosophies designed to offer a wide range of opportunities to children and have high standards in terms of achievement and quality learning experiences.



If you have any concerns about your child her/his teacher will be happy to discuss them with you if you make an appointment.


The Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, and Out of School Club Manager are always available to discuss parental concerns.