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Our Governing Body


All schools in England have a Governing Body which has a vital role in making sure every child gets the best possible education. A key role is to act as a ‘critical friend’; to support, to challenge, to ask questions and to oversee the financial performance of the school, ensuring that money is well spent.


The Governing Body works in close partnership with the Headteacher, staff and the local authority. Whilst the Headteacher is, of course, responsible for the day to day running of the school, the governors are involved with such things as staffing, curriculum, school buildings and finance. It ensures the school functions well and maintains the proper range of academic and social objectives.


The governing body has recently been reconstituted and consists of:

1 Headteacher

1 Elected Staff Governor

1 LA Representative 

2 Elected Parent Governors

12 Co-opted Governors


The standard term of office for a governor is four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected every two years at the first meeting of the academic year.


The chair of governors is Mrs Kim Adams, who can be contacted via the school office or directly via email at: k.adams@carrmanorprimary.org.uk


Much of the work of the governing body is done by committees. At Carr Manor Primary School, we have the following committees:


Teaching and Learning

Pupil Support

Governors discharge their responsibilities through 4 Governing Body meetings each year. These formal meetings are supplemented by a series of informal sub-committee meetings dealing with more specific issues. A number of governors also have responsibilities for specific issues within the school such as literacy, maths, safeguarding and inclusion.


Governors adopt, review and monitor a range of policies that govern the operation of the school including Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Behaviour, Curriculum and Performance Management.

They are instrumental in terms of ensuring that the school has strategies in place to enable children to achieve their full potential and an education which will equip them to achieve future successes.


List of Carr Manor governors:


Governor Role


Kim Adams   


Resources Sub-committee

Pupil Support Sub-commitee

Complaint committee

Headteacher Appraisal committee

Health and Safety governor

Mike Urwin 

Vice Chair

Resources Sub-committee

Headteacher Appraisal governor

Sports Premium governor 

Deborah Kenny


All Sub-committees

Alison Robson

Co-opted (Deputy Headteacher)

All Sub-committees

Andy Patrick 

Teacher (Elected)

Teaching and Learning Sub-committee

Resources Sub-committee 

Carmel Barton

Co-opted (CC Manager)

(Currently on maternity leave) 

Pupil Support Sub-committee


Nadia El-Aouad

Co-opted (Parent)

Pupil Premium governor

Paula Thompson 


Teaching and Learning Sub-committee

Headteacher Appraisal 

SEND Governor

Nadeem Siddique

Co-opted (Parent) Associate Governor

Equalities governor

Child Protection governor

Children Looked After governor

Lucy Hart  Co-opted 

Child protection governor

Governor representative on the cluster


Koulla Mina Elected (Parent) Training Governor 

Lucy Taylor


Teaching and Learning Sub-committee

Pay Appeals governor

Shruti Sharma

LA Representative

(Currently on maternity leave) 


Ian Clitheroe Co-opted (Parent) Pupil Support Sub-Committee
Richard Buono  Co-opted (Parent) Resources Sub-Committee



Message from Chair of Governors

I briefly introduce to you the work of the Governing Body who aim to ensure that your child(ren) receive an excellent and enjoyable primary school education.  We have a range of powers and duties laid down by various Education Acts.  Responsibilities relate to

  • Setting targets and promoting high standards
  • Setting the strategic framework and direction of travel for the school’s future
  • Management of the school’s delegated budget
  • Ensuring that the curriculum for the school is balanced and broadly based

Each school year there are five full Governing Body meetings supported by a series of sub-committees dealing with more specific issues such as resources, teaching and learning, pupil support.  Individual Governors may also have responsibilities for specific issues within the school such as maths, inclusion, and safeguarding.  Our Governing Body is very fortunate in having very active and willing members from a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

Part of our role is to review, monitor and adopt a range of policies that govern the operation of the school including behaviour and performance management

The Governing Body are extremely proud of the achievements of the school particularly the academic results but also in the solid foundation it provides in developing the children and preparing them for their future.


Information regarding the governors of CMPS

Kim Adams (Chair and Ex-Parent)

Term of office: 18.05.19 - 18.05.23

Register of Interests: Manager for Health and Social Care for Leeds LA

Attendance Full

I have been a parent governor at Carr Manor Primary since my son was in reception and am now a co-opted governor.  I have worked for lots of different charities, developing services for people and bring lots of experience of spotting opportunities and turning these into actions.  I currently work for the NHS and Adult Social Care in Leeds joining up health and social care for older people.  I’m also studying nutritional therapy and am very interested in what our children eat.


Mike Urwin (Parent)

Term of office: 13.07.19 - 13.07.23

Register of Interests: None

Attendance: Full 

I became a parent governor at Carr Manor in July 2015. I have 2 children at CMPS and have always been impressed with the ethos and ambition of the school. As a governor, I now want to help the staff to achieve the goals they have set themselves - and those that are set for them - to ensure the children receive as broad a range of experience and education as possible. I previously worked as a management consultant across numerous industries and disciplines and am currently Director of Asset Management for EcoGen Services Limited, a renewable energy consultancy. 


Nadeem Siddique (Parent)

Term of office 14.05.12 - 14.05.16

Register of Interests: None

Attendance Full

I work for Leeds City Council with Community Safety and have a background in youth and community work, and many years of experience in the third sector.  My current role involves liaising with a wide range of statutory partners, including delivering training, to help them understand how best to support vulnerable individuals.  In my spare time, I play football regularly and I am a passionate Liverpool FC supporter.

I became a parent governor in 2012 and have two daughters at CMPS.  I also sit on the Pupil Support sub-committee. Being involved in my children’s education is really important to me to ensure they reach their potential so joining the governing body seemed to be a sensible approach to assist the school and staff, and to ensure all pupils achieve the best possible start to their education.

I am proud to be a Governor and am committed to supporting the school to continue to build on its outstanding track record, providing a caring and safe environment in which children are respected and given an opportunity to thrive and develop as individuals.


Richard Buono,

Term of office - 2019 -2023

Attendance Full 

My two children attended Manor Wood Primary School since nursery and my youngest daughter is currently in Year 6.  I have always been delighted with the ethos of the school, the dedication of the staff and the positive experiences my children have enjoyed there.

I have been a solicitor for the past 20 years and am currently a Partner at Blacks Solicitors in Leeds, specialising in advising business owners.  My role also involves assisting with the management of the firm and the development of the staff in my department.  My wife is a primary school teacher (not at MWPS), so I also have a good insight into the challenges teachers face.

I am keen to use my professional and personal experience to support the school and its staff and proud to have been given the opportunity to do so.


Deborah Kenny (Headteacher)

Term of office: 01.09.11 - 01.09.25

Register of Interests: Seconded Part-Time Executive Principal at Primley Wood PS and Governor at the Grammar School at Leeds 

Attendance Full

I became Headteacher of CMPS in September 2011 and an automatic member of the governing body. I have been involved in primary education for 37 years, 6 of which were spent as Headteacher in an affluent outer area school and as Executive Headteacher to an urban school in challenging circumstances.  From 2006 I was employed as a School Improvement Advisor for Education Leeds, a consultancy role which involved challenging and supporting Headteachers and Governors of schools to raise standards, address issues in terms of leadership and to provide advice on strategic planning. I am a National Leader of Education and CMPS is a National Support School. I am currently seconded to Primley Wood PS as Executive Principal for part of the week. 

I have been a member of the Governing Bodies at five schools and am currently a governor at the Grammar School at Leeds.

I have one son who is now making his own way in London and my husband is also involved in education.  


Alison Robson (Deputy Headteacher at MWPS)

Register of Interests: None

Attendance Full

I have been deputy head at Carr Manor Primary for the past 10 years but have been a teacher here for the last 29. In that time I have had responsibility for a wide range of subjects including, History, Gifted and Talented Provision and Mathematics. I am currently Acting Headteacher for part of the week. 

As part of my deputy role I am involved in the strategic development of the school, I also coordinate volunteers, student teacher placements and support all newly qualified teachers. I work closely with our Headteacher deputising for her when required.

I love teaching at Manor Wood and cherish the wide range of diversity we are lucky enough to enjoy here. As a parent of 2 grown up children I know how important it is that children are happy and enjoy their school life and I work very hard, alongside Mrs Kenny, to ensure Carr Manor provides a vibrant, safe and stimulating place where children and staff work well together.  

I am a Specialist Leader of Education for the Noctua Teaching Alliance. 


Andy Patrick (Teacher at MWPS) 

Term of office: September 2019 - Sept 2023

Register of Interests: Owner of Foundations Nursery in Batley. 

Attendance: Full 

I am a full time teacher at MWPS, currently I enjoy teaching in Y2 having spent time working in Y1 and previous to that, I was lucky enough to spend 5 years working in our inspiring EYFS.   Prior to teaching I was a director for a print engineering company.  I am a huge advocate of promoting creativity and relish using drama to help improve oracy.  A self-confessed techno geek, I am passionate about the use of computing to help engage children and I am currently tasked with leading a special project within school to help raise the impact of all things ICT at MWPS.  Within my classroom, I try to engender an inviting, collaborative exchange of ideas via a democratic approach between myself and my students.  I work as an SLE for Noctua and have delivered training to over 25 schools over the last three years across Leeds.   I own an outstanding children's nursery in Batley and am a director of a small teaching supply agency.   In those occasional moments when I am not working, my three beautiful, independent and very different daughters keep me busy!  

Lucy Taylor

Term of office: 18.05.19 - 18.05.23

Register of Interests: None

Attendance Full

I have been a community governor at Carr Manor Primary School since 2010. I started my career as a primary teacher in York then taught in Italy for a few years before settling in Leeds and starting a family. I have since moved into Higher Education and have worked for the Open University and the University of Leeds, where I currently teach on the Primary PGCE course. My role as governor is very useful in terms of my profession and Carr Manor teachers are involved in delivering Theory into Practice days to students 


Shruti R Sharma

Term of office: 18.05.19 - 18.05.23

Register of Interests: None

Attendance: Currently on Maternity Leave

I have been a LEA Governor at Carr Manor Primary School for a number of years now and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.

I work for a large global bank as a Senior Credit Risk Analyst and have 10 years of experience working within this sector. It was through a work open day that I was first presented with the idea of becoming a school governor. The idea of using the skills gained from the analytical nature of my job to help a school really appealed to me and I immediately signed up!

Outside of work I am a trained danced and still regularly attend classes, enabling me to interact with people across different age groups and sections of society. I enjoy travelling and reading in my spare time. 


Ms Koulla Mina

Term of office: 2020 - 2024

Register of Interests: None

Attendance Full 

I became a parent governor in 2016 and have two children, one of which is in Year 5 and the other has recently moved on to secondary education. My background is in IT Project Management and, in addition to my day job, I am also involved in Colleague Well-being in the Workplace. I am keen to help make a positive difference to the life and education opportunities of all the children within the school. 

I am a familiar face around the community and feel that this is a great asset as a governor. Working closely with the management team to ultimately benefit the school and education of our children is a privilege. 


Carmel Barton

Term of office: 4 Years

Register of Interests: None

Attendance: Currently on maternity leave  

I am a Staff Governor and have Managed Carr Manor Children’s Centre since February 2017. In addition to managing the 50 place day care and family services I also support the school’s practice around Safeguarding. I am a member of the Senior Leadership Team and am proud of the excellent services families can access here.


Ian Clithero

Term of office: 4 Years

Register of Interests: None

Attendance Full 

I became a co-opted parent governor in March 2017 and have two children. One is in Year 6 at Manor Wood and the other is now at high school. I worked for Marks & Spencer for 20 years across a range of roles and locations, giving me valuable experience in people, financial and facilities management as well as customer service. I now work locally, for a small business with two friends I have known since school, which continues to create new challenges and opportunities for development.

I am also the treasurer of the Friends of Manor Wood group.
School is such a large part of every child's life and I feel that if I can give my time and experience while my own children are at Manor Wood, I will be able to help and contribute to the ongoing success of the school.


Nadia El-Aouad

Term of Office: 4 years

Register of Interests: None

Attendance: Full 

I am a parent of two children one of which attends Manor Wood and the other is now at high school. My educational background was in English Literature. However, due to a personal growing interest in children’s mental health and well being I completed a psychology degree and am currently on a three year post graduate journey in counselling psychology. I believe that schools are more than just academic institutions as they also play an important role in promoting children’s social and emotional well being as well as providing opportunities to all children in fulfilling their potential while recognising the emerging diverse needs of each individual child. As a governor I am passionate about inclusion within the school and am very keen in being a critical friend supporting the school in achieving high standards for all.


Lucy Hart: 

Term of Office: 4 years

Register of Interests: None 

Attendance: Full

I work for the 2gether Cluster as the Cluster Leader. My background is with children and families, I started my career in 1983 as a nursery nurse, later moving onto Family Centres. In 1994 I worked in Leeds to manage Early Years' Centres and Children's Centres. I have been a trainer for the Early Years' Service and the LSBC, delivering training around Child Protection and Domestic Violence. My current role involves working for 12 schools offering a wide range of services to children and their families. 

In my spare time enjoy running and yoga. 

I became a governor at CMPS in 2018, and I am committed to supporting the school on its continued journey to outstanding. 


Paula Thompson

Term of Office; 4 years

Register of Interests: None

Attendance: Full 

I am passionate about education and have worked for 37 years, in primary schools, and have loved every minute. I was, until recently, the Chief Executive of a small, growing Trust and Executive Principal of a Primary School which was a National Support and Teaching School. Over the years I have been inspired by the children I have been privileged to work alongside and am both excited and honoured to be a member of the governing body of Manor Wood Primary School and to making a difference to the lives of the children we serve. 


What to do if you are interested in being a Governor:

All governors to a school’s Governing Body must be elected or appointed.

If you want to be part of Manor Wood Primary School’s Governing Body please enquire about any vacancies from Deborah Kenny, the Headteacher.

Visit Leeds City Council Website for guidance and advice about being a governor and where you can access an application form. 

Welcome to our governors' section.