Manor Wood Primary School

Mindmate- Work Samples

Year 1- 'Feeling Good and Being Me'- Exploring Feelings. The children developed their vocabulary around feelings and they learnt simple strategies for managing their own feelings.

Year 2- 'Feeling Good and Being Me'- Celebrating Strengths and Goal Setting. The children reflected on their experiences and thought about how they could learn from them. They decided that it felt great to be able to celebrate individual strengths.

Y4 'Feeling Good and Being Me'- The children learnt a range of words to describe their feelings, extending their vocabulary and deepening their understanding of a range of emotions.

Y6 'Feeling Good and Being Me'- The children discussed a range of feelings in pairs- what the feeling may look and feel like. The children learnt about what positively and negatively affects their physical, emotional and mental health, including the media.